Who repeats buildings like hotcakes?

It is increasingly tiring and boring to swallow buildings proposed by some gurus of the Star System.
Frank Gehry was once an innovative architect. Distorted, deconstructed, sculptural and whimsical buildings brought fresh air to an uncertain postmodernism. Even they harbored a function between turns, curves and scrolls. The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum became a recognizable icon that established a before and after in the way in which the public was approaching architecture.
Attracted by the «Guggenheim effect» politicians flocked to their favorite star architect to invent a great building to take out their town of anonymity. No expense spared, no function, without a program: only cared about signature and a «nice» shape. The budget multiplied by 2, by 4, 10 … no matter, you could burn all at the stake of media. In Spain we know of what I speak.
The engineer Calatrava’s City of Arts of Valencia.
Valencia 030
Peter Eisenman in the City of Culture of Galicia (BTW: nice model).
The truth is that with unlimited budgets and mass media and politicians at his feet, no wonder they finally confirm that “the sleep of reason produces monsters”.

Francisco de Goya «the sleep of reason produces monsters».

At first the successful building is copied almost verbatim (repeating the same model to different places and with different uses), there is the Walt Disney Concert Hall to show it.

With a slight variation we arrive at Marqués de Riscal winery, where baroque and folds begin to be a little tiresome and constructive and structural effort one step beyond logic.
The Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion is in the artifice and floral game, with a result that seems to be copied from a hat at Ascot last race.
In the middle some memorable buildings, as for example Interactive Corp. Headquarters . Is the final result because it is a private client? Please don´t play with money Frank, it is not to order drinks on the house.
What is not acceptable is that an undisputed architect as Frank O. Gehry wants to sell us buildings like the EMP Museum…
or the Museum of the Diversity of Panama
It seems that he doesn´t design buildings but «Gehrys»: wrinkled, plagued with edges and bright colors, regardless become a tangle of tension and confusion. It is difficult to understand these 2 buildings as architecture, at least as I appreciate architecture. And yet, as sculptures are more attractive than some of the famous artist never well weighted Juan Ripolles.


Come back Frank!
Frances H. Goldwyn Library. Frank O. Gehry (1986).


And to finish with good taste, I leave you enjoying the sculpture «wind and moon», by Pepe Lucas.

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